GDNR creates Awareness on Trademark and Domain Names

The Chief Executive Director of the Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR), Mr. Asafo-Aidoo says the GNDR is engaging registrar’s, stakeholders as well as the internet Community to promote internet development in the country.

That he believed will help GNDR take its right place in the internet Community.

He made this statement in a webinar on Awareness and policy discussion with Intellectual Property Rights Groups held on Thursday, 28th April 2021. The Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR) is an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation.

GDNR organized this event as part of its stakeholder engagement program to create awareness.

The program seeks to inform and educate Intellectual Property Rights groups on the need to work with GDNR to ensure dot gh domain-related conflicts are mitigated.

Mr. Asafo-Aidoo, indicated that the registry has worked hard and is looking forward to the completion of the redelegation by the end of this year.

With the support of government, the registry will continue to meet with the local internet community which is represented by the international property groups.

In an attendance were Mr.  Joseph Ola Mensah, Marketing Officer, Mr. Daniel Greenberg- Lexsynergy Limited (UK) and Mr. Barrack Otieno - AfTLD Manager.



The Ghana Domain Name Registry is a non-profit entity established by Article 63 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2008 (Act 772). It is a registry that manages the domain name database as with other Registries -NIRA. Ng, KENIC .ke, started like GDNR before redelegation was finalised.