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The Government of Ghana, acting through the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, in keeping pace with the global agenda of developing smart ecosystems, as a catalyst for digital transformation, is rolling out this Digital Economy Policy. Through that the Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation and Revitalisation of Enterprises Support (GhanaCARES) ‘Obaatan pa’ program was started. The program represents the strategic and catalytic interventions that will foster a quicker recovery and boost our post-COVID economic transformation. Under this program, a number of initiatives were generated to be pursued. This Compact is a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Finance (MOF), as the coordinating authority, and Sector Ministries to ensure effective and timely delivery of targets under CARES for the 2021 fiscal year.

Under this compact, the priorities for Communication and Digitisation Development are for improved service delivery, business

expansion, and economic transformation through targeted investment and development of communication infrastructure, integration of national data systems, increased capacity of key institutions, and greater coordination with the private sector. MOF agrees to support MOCD to operationalise a CARES Delivery Unit to achieve the agreed targets.


‘Digital access for all to ensure connectivity for everyday people



‘Fast-track digitization projects across the nation for the betterment of the Ghanaian people and to drive a digital economy’

Core Functions

‘Invest, consolidate, strengthen and expand the national fiber network backbone in order to expand and improve internet connectivity

Promote increased digital literacy

Support Ghanaian technology entrepreneurs to build tech hubs and to export IT- enabled services such as business process outsourcing (BPO) firms

Expedite implementation of Government digital initiatives (e.g. the National ID, digital address systems, etc.)

Core Projects

Digital Assets and Services Register

Digital Readiness assessment

Expediate and Consolidate Ongoing Public Projects

NITA Regulatory Capacity and Us

Regional Digital Centres

Fibre Assets Consolidation

Common National Digital Architecture

GIDT Implementation


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