MoC to showcase achievements at the Ghana Results Fair

The Ministry of Communications as a Government supervisory arm of the communications sector will be well represented at the Ghana Results Fair showcasing the works of its agencies from 2017 to date.

Agencies which will be represented under the MoC are the Accra Digital Center with its incubation Hubs providing digital platforms for small startups; GIFEC with its Communication Information Centers working across the country to bridge the digital divide; NCA with its regulatory and standardization interventions to protect both consumers and service providers, to mention a few.

Under the theme of the event, ‘Delivering Results for Our Citizens: a Work in Progress, agencies of the Ministry of Communications intend to exhibit through short documentaries highlighting achievements from 2017 to date and pictorial representations of relevant information on existing projects, and the impact these have had on the development and growth of the Communications sector. Activities by these agencies implement the mandate of the MoC to promote the development of Ghana into a knowledge-Based Society and a smart economy through the use of ICT.