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Dr. Samuel Antwi-Gyekyi is the Director of The Research, Statistics, and Information Management Directorate (RSIM) of the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation which is primarily responsible for research into Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to inform policy decisions. The Directorate is responsible for collecting and managing information of the Ministry received from diverse sources and distributing same to numerous audiences.
As a Chief IT/IM Officer, Director of IT at the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, and now assigned the Director for Research, Statistic and Information Management (RSIM), Samuel occupies a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape of Ghana. His responsibilities encompass the coordination and supervision of ICT policy revisions for both the Ministry and Service-wide applications. He also takes a lead role in facilitating the implementation of the ICT and security components of the eMoC (e-Ministry of Communications) project, a significant initiative aimed at enhancing digitalization and efficiency in the public sector.

Dr. Antwi-Gyekyi’s leadership extends to the design, development, and deployment of specified IT/IM projects within the Ministry and the Public Service at large. His innovative thinking and ability to conceptualize and execute impactful projects have been a driving force behind technological advancements in the Public Sector.
Dr. Antwi-Gyekyi’s extensive career also includes a noteworthy tenure at the Office of the Head of the Civil Service (OHCS), where he served Acting Director of Research, Statistics, and Information Management. In this role, he oversaw the management and administration of the Research Statistics and Information Management Directorate (RSIMD). His leadership extended to reviewing procedures, standards, and guidelines supporting the implementation of IT/IM systems within the OHCS and the broader Civil Service.
He led the development of the current Scheme of Service document for the IT/IM Class in the Ghana Civil Service and has since become the technical adviser of the IT/IM Class in the service.
In his quest for excellence, Dr. Antwi-Gyekyi has continually sought to enhance his skills through professional certifications. Notably, he is a PhD holder with thesis in e-governance from CASS EUROPE, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Executive Masters Business Administration (EMBA, Finance), International Laws in Cyber Operations, certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI), a Certified Network Forensics Examiner and International Laws on Cyber operations, demonstrating his commitment to staying current with the latest trends and best practices in the field.

About The RSIM Directorate

The Research, Statistics, and Information Management Directorate (RSIM) of Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation plays a crucial role in informing policy decisions through research on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It conducts in-depth studies on emerging technologies and analyzes their potential to address national challenges, ultimately providing data-driven recommendations for policymakers. Furthermore, the RSIM gathers and analyzes statistics on the ICT sector, offering valuable insights through reports and presentations. It also manages the Ministry’s information, ensuring efficient organization and dissemination of knowledge to internal and external audiences. Through these combined efforts, the RSIM plays a fundamental role in shaping Ghana’s digital transformation journey.


A dependable ICT data source for seamless flow of information.



To conduct evidence-based research and manage information for decision making

Core Functions

  • Conducts research and advise on policy and strategy options for effective policy formulation/implementation and decision making.
  • Projects a positive image of the Ministry nationally and internationally by disseminating information on the Ministry’s policies, programmes and activities and providing a mechanism for receiving feedback on Government’s ICT policies and activities.
  • Research into new ICTs and how they can be leveraged on to address some of the challenges we have as a country.
  • Responsible for documentation and creating a database of information on the ICT sector for effective decision-making;

Units under the Directorate

The Directorate has five Units under it namely:

  1. Research and Statistics,
  2. Public Relations,
  3. Client Service,
  4. Library and Documentation Management, and
  5. Right to Information.
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