Sensitization on the implementation of Right to Information Act.

The Ministry of Information on 9th March, 2020, trained Management, Heads of Agencies, Schedule Officers and Front Desk personnel of the Ministry of Communications (MoC) on the provisions of the Right to Information Act, which was passed on 26th March, 2019.  The training took place at the Conference room of the MoC.

The Right to Information (RTI) Act facilitates citizens’ access to information from State Institutions. The Law prescribes the processing of requests in a timely manner.

The RTI team led by Mrs. Ama Frimpong from the Information Ministry took participants through the Law and the procedures both the Ministry and the applicant would need to go through in requesting for and giving out information. She made it clear that Information Officers will be assigned to Ministries in order to help applicants get the information they need.

In her presentation, she stated that the Law is expected to make it easier for persons to request for and receive information from public institutions in Ghana which will help reduce speculations regarding information sharing in the Public Sector. In addition, it would help citizens get credible and factual information.

Giving out the steps to follow to get information from the Ministry, the facilitator stated that where an application for information falls outside the ambit of the Law, the designated RTI Officer shall within 48hours serve a notice to the applicant of the non-compliance with Section 23(7) and a date for providing notice on whether or not access will be granted.

Mrs. Frimpong concluded that the Ministry of Information will continue to sensitize all Ministries and Government Institutions on the implementation of the Right to Information Act for clear understanding of the Act and urged all to give applicants the information they need if it falls within the ambit of the RTI law to avoid speculations.