Use Radio as a platform for Effective Dialogue - Hon. Andah

The Deputy Minister of Communications George Andah has stressed the need for radio to be used as a platform to promote effective dialogue and civic participation in developmental and socio-economic discourse. 
Speaking in Parliament to commemorate the 12th World Radio Day, Mr.Andah said the influence of radio communication on the development of any nation far outweighs the comparative advantage of other media.
He urged Ghanaians to create wholesome radio content that would enhance the country’s cultural, political and economic values, while increasing public participation in issues of national interest.
The Deputy Minister noted that the Ghanaians have a lot to lose if public utterances in the name of freedom of speech are not controlled.
“Today it is no news to hear someone say that the first place to hear insults and defamatory language is the radio. This has caused many to lose trust in the operations of radio. The growing age will tend to listen toa playlist on mobile devices than to listen to radio. I ask myself this question, what then does the future look like for radio?”
Mr. Andah  said the theme for the occasion; “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace” is in the right direction, since their absence in the operation of radio and its media activities has caused great harm in some countries.
He cited the Hutus and Tutsis in the Rwanda genocide as an example of how a statement on radio led to disaster.
The Deputy Minister appealed to media stations and other media organizations to use their platforms to encourage healthy dialogues to ensure a peaceful environment for socio-economic development.