Vodafone Launches ‘Express Wi-Fi’ in Accra

Vodafone Ghana in collaboration with Facebook has launched a new data product as part of its strategy to promote access to reliable and cheap internet with the aim of reaching underserved areas.
Dubbed ‘Express Wi-Fi’ by Facebook, it is a product that helps retail entrepreneurs to offer fast and affordable Wi-Fi services at hotspots spread across the communities and residents at James town in Accra, Nima, Maamobi, and Abbosey Okai.
Speaking at the launch, a Deputy Minister for Communications, Hon. Vincent Odotei Sowah said the government was heavily investing in digital infrastructure to help deepen internet penetration in the country and promote quality education delivery in the country.
He lauded Vodafone Ghana for the initiative meant to deepen internet penetration in the country.
Hon. Odotei said “in this technological age, you cannot do anything without the internet’’ indicating that currently, Police, Military and Immigration recruitment forms were done online and access to data was very critical.
Students, he said currently, do their research by accessing the internet for information without physically visiting the library.
The Chief Executive Officer for Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba said the product was to provide Ghanaians with reliable internet at an affordable rate.
Ms Cuba also stated that plans were advanced to extend the products to other parts of the country to enable the citizens to have access to data.
Source: Public Relations Unit