Zambian Officials Call On Communications Minister

A twelve member delegation called on the Minister for Communications in Accra on Thursday, 27th September, 2018. The delegation was made up of government officials from the Cabinet Office of Zambia. The visit was made to exchange ideas and get first hand information about how Ghana was implementing major policies in the Communications and Technology space.
The sector Minister for Communications, Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful was pleased to receive the delegation and said it was important to exchange ideas and experiences between the two countries with the sole aim of moving the sector forward for their respective countries.
The Minister catalogued a number of policies and initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry to complement government’s ‘Digital Ghana Agenda’. She mentioned that government was extending internet connectivity to every part of the country and has a timeline to cover the whole country by 2020. She said this initiative was greatly on course since there is enough commitment backing the project, adding that government was focused on building a proper communications infrastructure which is the foundation for a strong digital economy.
Mrs. Owusu-Ekuful noted that the decision to implement an e-cabinet system was triggered when she paid a visit to Estonia. “It was simply an eye opener” she said. She revealed how refreshing it was to see the reduction in the volumes of paper and length of time used for Cabinet meetings.
She maintained that the e-ID card and national ID card which was linked to other databases will provide the foundation to formalize the economy.
She could not mention all these great initiatives without stressing on Cyber Security. She said Cyber Security was always important to protect the layer of all the good initiatives of government. “It is imperative that as we digitize we look at the security aspect as well” she stressed.
The Zambian delegation expressed satisfaction with the ideas and said they were also on a similar roadmap to digitize their country. They were thankful to the people of Ghana for a warm reception received during their stay in the country and extended a hand of invitation to officials of the Ministry for a similar visit to Zambia.
Furthermore, the Minister requested for a copy of the Zambian electronic transactions bill for Ghana’s study.